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PAWS cover rev2Companion Animal Management Survey: Issues, practices, and resources in fifteen counties of Central Virginia







“Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.” Arthur Schopenhauer

Clicking “like” on photos of adorable puppies and kittens on Facebook or Pinterest makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, but we can—we must—do more to stem the tide of euthanasia of abused and unwanted pets. This 115-page technical report describes the problem in eye-opening and accurate detail, offering actionable tips and resources. PAWS’ mission is to take concrete steps toward building safe, responsible, humane communities. Check out the organization’s website and get a FREE copy of the survey here.

It has been a genuine pleasure to offer substantive editing and ongoing strategic planning guidance to this worthy client. Sometimes you get to do work that really makes a difference…

“I am grateful for your kind and compassionate nature, as well as the extraordinary professional experience you have shared with me—how fortunate I am to have Little Fire’s service and support! Your editing is wonderful and so valuable.”
Alice Leigh Mason, PAWS of Central Virginia


Immigrant Stuggles,
Immigrant Gifts









“It is a sign of great inner insecurity to be hostile to the unfamiliar.” Anaïs Nin

This collection of essays, aggregated and curated by Diane Portnoy, Barry Portnoy, and Charlie Riggs for the The Immigrant Learning Center in conjunction with George Mason University’s new Institute for Immigration Research, posed an unusual editing challenge: the contributions were penned by a dozen authors (several of whom are non-native English speakers), and I wrangled them into a consistent narrative tone and format to yield an engaging and persuasive read.

“‘Immigrant Struggles, Immigrant Gifts’ was a big hit at our 20th anniversary gala this weekend. Dr. Cabrera, president of GMU, spoke highly of the book and told everyone it was ‘assigned reading.’”
Karen E. Glover, ILC


My March to Liberation: A Jewish boy’s story of partizan warfare










“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.” Jim Morrison

One of my commissions for George Mason University Press involved editing Paul Strassman’s account of his experiences as an adolescent Jewish Slovak partisan battling the Nazis during WWII. As Paul is not a native English speaker, the manuscript required a substantive edit; it proved to be a delicate balancing act between achieving readability and retaining the authenticity of the author’s voice. The project required considerable historical research and fact checking as well. Wonderful stuff! Available on Amazon.com.

“I am beyond happy—grateful, amazed, ecstatic, indebted—I could go on. You’ve turned the clients on their heads with amazement, too. Thanks again for your fabulous editing and writing!”
Marcella Drula-Johnston, Spectrum Creative, LLC