Copywriting/Content Creation

“It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it.” Jack Kerouac

Whether your subject matter is technical or general, serious or lighthearted, Little Fire can transform it into copy that will make a reader sit up and take notice. There is nothing so powerful as an epic idea, clearly expressed.

Little Fire has generated original content for a variety of media, including book chapters, marketing collateral, catalog copy, brochures and flyers, websites and blogs, as well as feature articles for trade and consumer periodicals targeting diverse interest groups.

Connecting with your readers hinges on carefully constructed prose designed to suit the nuances of your chosen media or platform. Crafting an entertaining and authentic memoir, interactive social media campaign, or killer website landing page requires unique and finely honed creative composition skills.

A word on web content – Many are intimidated by the current trend toward digital presentation. Don’t be dazzled by promises of keyword-laden text and flashy graphics. As Bob Dylan quipped, “You can’t be a poet if you don’t have nothin’ to say.” The quote may be apocryphal, but the sentiment rings true: all the SEO tricks in the book won’t engage readers once they’ve found you.

What will accomplish this goal is meaningful information presented in an easy to navigate format that encourages interactivity—original, helpful, and shareable. Whatever the genre or format, the secret to effective communication is the same for print or digital media: quality content.

Digital content is a unique animal. Studies reveal that readers scan and process web content differently than print text. Their attention span is shorter as well, so sentences and paragraphs must be brief and to the point. And of course the language should be correct, concise, and clear.

And here’s another key to effective web content creation – The Internet has evolved into an interactive experience, a dialog rather than a megaphone. Building a following, a tribe, is all about earning trust. You’re asking for a precious commodity—your readers’ time—and you have to offer something of value in return.

Whether the ultimate presentation is print or digital, fashioning a compelling story that resonates with the reader is truly an art form.

Who will tell YOUR story?